Animal Cocktail Rings

Animal Cocktail Ring is a very beautiful ring.

It’s very shiny silver and has’s a little bit heavy and little uncomfortable on the fingers at the side since the legs of the spider rest on them not a big deal =) I love it!!

It is sleek, comfortable and beautiful.

Nothing fake looking about this ring. People keep asking me if it is sapphire and I say YES!

Who has to know I got such a fabulous ring for such a reasonable price? Even walking in Manhattan I noticed several people looking and commenting. Just beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Animal Cocktail Rings

  1. Please i am interested to know about this particular jewelry, from where it is coming and prices for retail and wholeseale. Also is this silver?. Thanks a lot.

  2. mujhytou yeh sarey bohat pasand ayeh hain too much beautiful and amzaing………where can i buy all these…

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