Eastern Touch Jewelry Designs From Sara Taseer Shoaib

Sara Taseer Shoaib is a trained gemologist qualified from the Gemological Institute of America GIA. Her designs are famous all around the world. she had made Pakistan proud with her elegant jewelery collection and keeping an Eastern touch to it.Her design statement reveals about her work and passion. She says;

“The business of jewelery is a pathway into the joyous moments of peoples lives. Jewelery purchases mark milestones of marriage, birthdays, births anniversaries and much more. Oft times they are a gift to oneself, celebrating personal achievement and self worth.In each instance however, they make the wearer feel special and appreciated. Many pieces will be remembered forever signifying commitment and love. A multitude of relationships between mother and daughter, husband and wife, unions and reunions will be fortified by these ornaments. They will be passed down through generations. The significance and affection imbibed within each treasure will outlive us.As a creator of these symbols of life and love I feel privileged to participate in the high points of my clients lives. My work ultimately is a trade into their happiness. This positive energy gives me the desire to always outshine. I therefore promise to bring forth quality, with objects of beauty which will stand the test of time. With this honor and responsibility I seek to breathe everlasting magnificence into my work.




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